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PC Repair


PC faults we fix include:

  • Screen is blank
  • Computer has a virus
  • Internet doesn’t work
  • PC doesn’t start at all
  • Printer has stopped working
  • iPhone / iPad not Syncing
  • Slow computer
  • Keyboard has stopped working
  • USB port is damaged
  • No sound
  • No video
  • PC is plugged in but no power
  • Monitor has a fault / is flickering
  • Websites don’t load properly
  • Random restarting
  • Random power-off / shutdown
  • Need to upgrade memory
  • Mouse not working
  • PC not connecting to the network
  • Clicking a link sends me to a random website
  • Blue screen error
  • Noisy computer
  • Would like to use more than one screen
  • My backup fails
  • I’m running out of space on my hard drive
  • I need to reinstall Windows
  • I have lost my recovery disks
  • I need to reinstall my Mac operating system
  • My computer beeps when I switch it on
  • The PC switches off after only a few minutes usage
  • I need to optimise my PC





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