Laptop and Computer Repair Liverpool

Laptop and Computer Repair Liverpool

PRESCOT – ST HELENS – HUYTON – WIDNES and surrounding areas

  • The Lappy Shop is based in Prescot on the High Street, we service anyone in Merseyside with computer and laptop collection and delivery service in Prescot , St Helens, Huyton , Widnes, and surrounding areas.
  • We offer an honest, ethical service NO FIX NO FEE this way you can choose if you want your laptop repaired you can choose if you want to pay for the privilege of a laptop repair.
  • If you don’t like our quote you don’t pay it. Many companies will charge you in excess of £30 to take a look at it and then quote you for parts, maybe people come to our shop and walk out with plenty of change from a £50.00. Give THE LAPPY SHOP a call today and book your laptop in for repair.


Laptop Screen Replacement

It is frustrating when you break your laptop screen but its even more frustrating when you you think that your broken laptop screen is going to cost you close to £200 well NOT with The Lappy Shop, most screens cost between £40-60 we fit them for our standard repair cost of £35.00 so for less than £100 you are getting a complete laptop screen replacement service. So before you start to write your laptop off consider a laptop screen repair. “ I broke my screen by leaving my pen on the keyboard I took it to The Lappy Shop and they fixed it up in no time “ “ My Son dropped my laptop when running up the stairs with it open the screen broke and I took it to the Laptop Repair Shop ( Lappy Shop ) and they repaired it for me they were so polite and helpful” Don’t forget from only £7.50 we will collect and deliver your machine CALL TODAY 0151 426 1679  – to arrange collection or pop in store.

Laptop Power Socket Repair

If your power socket is broken it doesn’t mean the nackers yard for your laptop It just needs some tender loving care, it may be you need a new socket and a repair or it could simply be a fix is required. Whatever the problem we at The Lappy Shop in Prescot can fix it for you. Often a broken socket will need a specialist solder but even with the parts this can often be achieved for less than £55.00 we offer NO FIX NO FEE so if we look at it and you don’t wish to proceed you don’t have to. Don’t use your laptop with a broken socket this could be potentially dangerous and will inevitably cause other problems to your computer such as shorting elements of the main board costing you hundreds to repair.

Motherboard Repair

If you have fried your motherboard it may be best to just get a replacement board or in somecases especially with older machines it is better to accept defeat and replace your laptop, let us take a look at it for you we offer a no fix no fee laptop repair service so it costs you nothing for us to take a look.

Black Screen | White Screen | Blue Screen

DONT PANIC .. it happens, sometimes your computer will not function and you will get all sorts of colour screens alerting you to a computer problem we can fix them 8/10 no hardware replacement is required so we can fix the issue for our standard computer repair fix fee of £35.00

Software Problems

Have you got software issues, did you install something and its not working as you expected let The Lappy Shop Prescot take a look for you.

My laptop is running very slow

Laptop running slowThere are numerous reasons that could slow your computer down, here are just three. 1..This could be caused by your laptop containing a virus, an in depth scan would help. 2..A fragmented hard drive can also seriously slow a computer down. 3...Don't try to run more than three programs simultaneously as this will make it run slow also. Bring your laptop into the store and our experts will give you honest advice and professional service. Come down to our shop at 51 High Street, Prescot, Liverpool L34 6HF or call 0151 426 1679